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All eyes are on the city of Atlanta, Georgia right now in the entertainment industry. Rather you are an aspiring rapper, make-up artist, producer, DJ, actor, or influencer you have thought about or already made your way down to ‘Black Hollywood’ to see what you can accomplish for yourself. Atlanta is the Hip-Hop mecca laced with dozens of big-name labels and music groups including Authentic Empire. Ran closely by the founder and CEO Boomman, the music mogul once rapper is creating a platform for not only artists, but crew members, graphics designers, producers, business savvy people to Horne in on their talents as well.

Crystal Lalucci & Renni Rucci

His catch phrase known notoriously as “Boomman still booming” is widely mentioned by himself and supporters who respect his constant grind, and what he brings to the industry for artists. A firm believer that artists should invest in themselves to create an investment strategy for labels, he will not even look your way unless you are 100% about building your craft. After signing Greensboro, Georgia native, rapper Foogiano to Authentic Empire and being apart of his success and rise in the ranks of the music industry, it gave him the leverage he needed to really put Authentic Empire on the map. With Foogiano signing to Authentic Empire Music Group he successfully put out chart topping singles such as ‘Baby Momma’ and ‘Trapper’ that went on to hit radio stations in all major cities. The AE roster also includes rappers Euro Gotit, Ga, Geezy Escobar, Ag Lotti, Doughboy, Money Mu and dozens of upcoming talents under their management team.

Rather he is doing showcases, live music reviews for independent artists, consultation appointments at his label, or bringing rapper Gucci Mane to the stage to perform, there is big opportunity for you to grow as an artist if you decide to work with this platform.

Over 300 artists came out on July 4th to perform and network at Decatur’s Cosmopolitan Lounge for the Authentic Empire Indie Fest. There were 3 stages to perform on, the indie stage, Foogiano stage, and the main coming attraction was the Gucci stage. Artists flew in from all over the United States to perform, and network. The outdoor stage was hosted by media personality Shay Star. Food and clothing vendors were set up around the outdoor stage which created a fun festival type environment. Streetz 94.5 Personality Fly Guy DC and motivational speaker / host Stuey Rock were on the main stage with Boomman for the premiere attraction. The winner of the show was rapper Mello Oowee who walked home with a brand-new Dodge SRT, and a diamond crusted Authentic Empire Chain. To all the indie artists who pulled up to perform congratulations on your continued success. To schedule a meeting or consultation with Authentic Empire Music Group log on here Authentic Empire – Be Discovered ( Follow Boomman on Instagram at Boomman (@boomman_ae) • Instagram photos and videos

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  1. Wow. This was so dope! 300 indie artists on 3 stages!! Authentic Empire is definitely doing some great thing! I won’t miss the next one! Great read!

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