Together, Lil Goat and Lil Jac make up YGR. These dynamic blood brothers hail from Winter Garden, Florida.  YGR Stands for Young Ghetto Rockstars.  Despite their non-traditional image, the two are putting on for all the rockstars living in the hood.  Their style has been out of the box and different since they were kids. They would get crucified getting off the school bus for their unique look, but now their style has been embraced by all who know them and appreciate their music.

YGR started recording seriously a year ago after dropping their first track and getting attention in their home town. The duo is taking the independent route, but they are ready to sign to a major label. Down the line, they see YGR as a label with artists from different genres in the lineup.

As brothers, they have had their sibling arguments because there is a lot of love between them, but each want the group to be the biggest in the world. Right now, YGR is preparing to bring their visuals to the music industry by dropping several music videos. Their single “Hardy Boyz” brings wild ghetto rockstar energy to the game, and their new single “Live life Lit” is the perfect follow up, racking up tens of thousands of views in just a couple months.

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