Tazz Majesty

Columbia, South Carolina’s, Tazz Majesty is a force moving through the southeast much like a tornado. She is humble in person but tears up the beat like the Tasmanian Devil in the studio! Tazz started writing poems and lyrics at only 8-years old, and by 17, she was doing shows.

She attended the College of Charleston, where she got the incentive to highlight exposure to her artistry by throwing events, parties, pop up shows and house parties. Tazz majored in Arts Management and Marketing, with a minor in the Music Industry. Her mission is to continue growing her fan base with the music, and eventually she wants to build the south east in entertainment. That is where the Majesty comes from in her stage name. She thinks like royalty and will soon show the world what she intends to accomplish.

Growing up in the rough streets, every day was kind of like a near death experience for her. It was not the best place to be, but after everything she is still here.  Tazz believes that by overcoming traumatic life events or just being down and out can have a person feel like they could have been gone, but by the grace of God, if they are still here, God spared them.

After a long run and finding herself, Tazz took a break from parties and performing to live and experience life so that she could bring new vision into her lyrical content. Now she is getting plugged into Atlanta, doing shows and interviews. Already opening for dope names in the industry such as Authentic Empire’s ‘Money Mu’, Tazz is continuing her journey with widening her career accolades.

A firm believer in Women Empowerment, Tazz does not knock other female artists, and believes everyone must do what they feel is in their spirit to be successful. She always puts her best foot forward. Not only does she spit hard bars, but she also loves children and supporting child related causes. Next on her schedule she will be dropping a new video and singles.  Follow her on Instagram to keep up with her upcoming shows, and appearances.

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