Fort Lauderdale native, Asis, is a fashion forward Gemini with bars, beauty, and brains. She styles herself, and stands out whether she is rapping on stage, hosting, or promoting.

Asis has been in the music industry since she was 17 years old, but she has been writing since 9. She got her start in a R&B girl group. The group separated amicably to pursue separate business ventures but remained friends. The story of how Asis got into the music industry is a funny one. With a tongue that will read you in a matter of seconds, someone heard her cussing someone out and suggested she should start rapping. As a mother, and someone who watches the content she puts out, she chooses edgy, but positive and motivational lyrics.

The important things Asis cannot live without are love, music, and family. Writing, being in the studio and connecting with people is what gets her in her happy place. As a mother, Asis dates consciously and sometimes brings her children in the studio so they can experience her passion for music and see what she does. Balancing mother hood, being in the entertainment business and her music she is no stranger to hard work.

Asis loves to collab with local artists. She believes that since black women are sexy and exotic by nature, it should be a personal decision to be sexy. A woman should create her own style, and not allow a stylist to dress them in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable.

The single, “Get It from The Muscle”, is available on all platforms and Asis will be dropping the album “Sleeping Giant” soon. You can also find her promoting and hosting open mic showcases in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Follow Asis on IG @Asis_gysy for more upcoming projects

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