Mika Mulah

Rapper and songwriter, Mika Mulah is the Haitian beauty hailing from Miami, Florida. She brings versatility to the industry along with that original sound that comes from Miami. Her music is something different than what has been heard before. Mika is an independent artist with a strong team behind her. She is still learning the industry and taking her time, but she is not slowing down her pace.  Music is a passion that she will continue and keep going. Mika understands that the more you work, the farther you get.  If you stop you will never see the outcome of what it could have been or could be.

Mika believes that the challenge of being a female artist is that people make it seem like it is easier to be a female artist because of the looks and the body, but females must prove themselves more in the music industry and make a name for themselves. If you do not catch attention, people will walk right past you.

Mika does not worry about the oversexualization of female artists in the industry. She thinks that sometimes there is a double standard. She believes that it is ok if a woman wants to show her inner and outer bad bitch. Confidence is important: either you like it, or you do not. The Florida songwriter does believe that it is important to respect yourself because if you do not respect yourself, you cannot expect anyone to respect you.

Follow @MikaMulah on IG for her upcoming mixtape and other projects. MIKAMULAH 🤩👅 (@mikamulah) • Instagram photos and videos

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