In an episode of “Live with Carisha”, the DNA rapper, HiNix, sits down with Carisha the Diva to discuss being real in his music, being shot at, and the challenges of being an independent artist.

 Treviell Vashun Rice, known musically as HiNix. Explains that his name comes from being counted out in the past- from sports, to fallen associates and even dating, but not with music. As an artist, the “Stay Down” lyricist has racked up hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube; he’s performed in shows including Coalition DJ’s “New Music Monday’s” and opened for rapper 2 Chainz.

HiNix has been in the game for about 3-years as an independent artist, and he brings realness and truth to the music industry. It is hard for him to make a song about something that is not true. He would rather not cap or speak on someone else’s life. He is more comfortable speaking from his own life experiences. To HiNix, the biggest challenge of being an independent artist is being the whole team.

“Everything that gets done, you must do by yourself, there is a lot to stay on top of.”

The August born Leo is from the small city of Gasden, Alabama. He explains that you learn to move and think differently there. It is hard to trust, even old friends at times. Although he does not want to go through some of the bad experiences that he has, he has been able to use them in his music. From being the topic of rumors and brushes with violence, including being shot at, being an artist gives him an outlet to express his feelings. His struggles go into his lyrics. HiNix understands that as an artist, people want to believe that they really know you and can relate. The upcoming indie artists believes his best song ever recorded so far is “Step by Step”. He gets personal and allows people to really know his personal life, and his reason for wanting to be an artist.

Persistent, attentive, and genuine, HiNix focuses on the present and does not try to think too far ahead. He believes in energy and giving his all in the moment. Whatever you put in, you really do get it back, he says. He is not really into the glitz and glamour craze in hip hop. He does not get distracted by flexing and jewels because it is unnecessary. If you got it, you got it and you do not have to prove it, he explains. “There’s so much to invest in.” The movie buff loves the movie “A Walk to Remember” because of the story line and wishes the world could be more like that.

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  1. He was cappin tht Boi aint street he a ball player everything he rap about be cap from being shot at to being counted out shit sad fr cause it ppl out the city wit tht realist you cap on.. An this ain’t hate jus tired of seeing folks playing on tht stage for camera

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