Shizz Money got his start in the industry making a name for himself recording Rap DVDs throughout the Philadelphia and Tri-State area. Always being a hustler and getting to the bag, Shizz worked with the biggest names in the 215 including E-Ness, Joey Jihad, and Reed Dollaz. As a Music Blogger he always had to stay on top of what artists was hot at the time, so he kept his ear to the streets and was in the trenches building a name for himself. He spent the bulk of the earlier portion of his career doing Rap DVD’s before eventually recording his own music. Living the fast life in the streets of Philadelphia is like living in a concrete jungle. There is a constant battle with surviving, gang violence, the drug empire, and more. If you are a rapper not only do you have to keep up with your music, but you also need to watch your back in the streets as well.

A turning point came for Shizz after being shot in the head by someone in his home town, which led to him leaving the city all together and relocating to a bigger city where he could grow his fan base. After living in what used to be home to some of the biggest rappers in the industry, Shizz feels as if he has learned not just the music part of the industry, but the business aspect as well. A smart artist, he is taking the text book approach with his career by dropping singles and growing his fan base as he moves.

Never looking to give up on his self, Shizz moved to New York where he put more time into networking. After dealing with being shot at, homeless, and down on his luck he took some time to figure out his next move. Even having ties to Hip-Hop legend, Spliff Star who is his blood uncle could not keep the ‘No Face No Case’ rapper out of harms way. Shizz had to humble himself and learn how to move smarter in the industry and fast to see growth in his career. Never looking to use his uncle’s bigger name to gain clout in the industry, Shizz stands on his own 2 feet and is using hard work to continue elevating in his career.

Shizz is the type of artist that lives what he raps about. With coming from the streets, being a victim of gun violence, and learning how to move around in an industry where being hood is ‘idolized’ at this present time in his career he is now residing in Atlanta and has his best foot in front of him. His current single ‘No Face No Case’ which was aired by All Urban Central is trending on their network already racking up 25k views in just a few days! His vocals carry a raspy cadence with a lot of attitude and personality due to his upbringing in Philadelphia. His music partners well with having a good time and listening to undisputed realness!

For the rest of the year Shizz will be releasing as many features and new videos with his team as possible as well as growing his fan base and online streams. Creatively right now in his career he is in a positive place and is experimenting more with Drill Music. When he is not working in the studio or doing shows he enjoys playing basketball.

                                    “My music says I’ve been through a lot but it’s what you make out it.”

Shizz is going to bring authentic lyrics and story telling the rap game. A lot of artists rap about things they are not really living through, but Shizz is 100% about that life. Follow him on Instagram Shizzmoney (@iamshizzmoney) • Instagram photos and videos

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  1. I always enjoy watching Carisha’s shows. This particular interview stood out, with him sharing his background and trials and tribulations. He’s come a long way and it’s so inspiring!

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