The current mayor of Atlanta, Georgia Keisha Lance Bottoms shocked the city when she announced publicly, she will not seek another term. After an exceptionally long and brutal 2020 with the pandemic, police brutality, Black Lives Matter Protests, and a string of violence happening in the metro Atlanta area the work load not only became challenging but dangerous as well. Mayor Lance-Bottoms had to deal with situations from all around the board including the Governor undermining her decision-making skills and people showing up in the front yard at her home to protest. To say the least it has been a strenuous position to fill lately, and she is ready to pass the baton to someone else. She was very hands on with helping to fight for the social justice movement during 2020, as well as working with the current President Joe Bidden, and doing her best in keeping the streets of Atlanta safe.

As of this year, 3 council members have already announced their candidacy to run for Mayor including district 3 member Antonio Brown. Brown was born in New York, raised in Houston, and moved to Atlanta 8 years ago. Antonio Brown, a fresh face in the political world is delivering change on the forefront right before our eyes. Not only is he progressive in his work, but his background also includes him as a humanitarian, CEO of a luxury men’s fashion brand, and the founder of a non-profit organization (Dream of Humanity) committed to improving the lives of marginalized people from disadvantaged backgrounds. He has also been recognized by the ‘Next Big Thing Movement’ as one of 2018’s Top 35 Millennial Influencers. In short, he has the work ethic, dedication, and passion to bring change to the city of Atlanta and rebuild the neighborhoods that have been abandoned far to long.

“When I look around this community and see these dilapidated properties it reminds me of the property that I experienced most of my childhood.”

With a fresh outlook on what could be in Atlanta, Brown wants to work on strengthening the cities employment, poverty level, abandoned neighborhoods, and above all the crime in Atlanta, Georgia. Certain areas in Atlanta have been forgotten for decades and need to be attended to immediately.

“I want to ensure every Atlantan has access to a job, I want to make sure they have access to reliable transportation, I want to make sure that they have an opportunity to thrive in Atlanta.”

Although Brown has only served for 1 term as Councilman in Atlanta, his efforts on what he can bring to the table are undeniable. During the protests and riots over the past year in the city regarding racism and police brutality, Antonio Brown took a major initiative in fighting for justice while still performing his duties as Councilman. He did a great deal of activists work and was very vocal with getting young people as well as the entire world aware of social injustices dealing with people of color. He was highly informative and hands on with pushing for and shedding awareness to police reform, and equity. His team executed several successful peaceful protests, as well as gained the support of some of the music industries biggest artists on board to help spread the word such as Grammy winning rapper, and Atlanta native ‘Lil Baby’.

To further support Antonio Brown and his campaign for Mayor check out his Reimagining Atlanta Together program here Antonio Brown — Donate via ActBlue

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