Hailing from New York, Lady ty is coasting into the music industry by hitting all the major cities and building her fan base. The lyrical MC brings realness, and women empowerment into the Rap game. With a defined sound and her own unique flavor, Lady Ty is sure to captivate you with her music. We want to be sure you understand that female artists are winning in a male dominated field so here is her story…

Lady Ty has been rapping since an incredibly young age, she has always had a passion for music. Dealing with life, raising children, and balancing a music career had become the everyday norm for her, but the challenges grew over whelming and she eventually needed to take some time off to find herself. Born into a music family, her father is a music teacher, and her brother plays the drums, so Ty makes it known that the sound is in her genes. Even with being born into a family of artists the world still gave her some minor set backs that caused her to slow her career down. Failed relationships can be a struggle to deal with when you are an artist. It can easily trigger a writer’s block or disallow you from the ability to focus. Never looking to give up, Lady Ty took her pains on her shoulder and after finding the strength to get back up kept it moving. Moving through a rough patch in her career and taking the time to deal with those obstacles in her life only made her a stronger woman.

Being a female artist and a mother, she is very conscious about the work she puts out and how she carries herself. With the current state of female Hip-Hop being in an age of overly sexualized imagery and shock value lyrics, Lady To does not quite consider herself fitting into a role-model image, however she does keep in mind that the younger generation is always watching.

Now she is better than ever and running through the industry not looking back.

“I love my kids to death and that’s why I’m going so hard now because I’m in a better position.”

Being a woman comes with a strength most men will never understand. Today Lady Ty has a clothing line on the way called ‘Savage Baby’. She has a manager by her side, and she 100% has her confidence at the level needed for success. Already hitting stages in Miami, Atlanta, and South Carolina not only is she an excellent studio artist, but she is a true performer. We could easily change her name from Lady to Queen because when she hits the stage, she is dominating it and captivating the entire audience with her ferocious stage presence and cadence. Not afraid to lose herself in her music and truly fall into a trance of art, this is a rapper who makes you feel every lyric she is spitting.

                                                          “If the opportunity is there, I’m going to go for it.”

Keeping her style sexy but sophisticated she is always stepping out slaying. The female MC is also a budding fashion model. Her manager has her busy and booked and just recently she snagged the cover of Smoke Cover Magazine. Now a year in with her manager, she is starring in a new web-series on the way relating to being a music artist. With a comfortable demeanor and sultry personality, this is the type of female artist who is delivering genuine heart without the ‘stuck-up’ vibes. What you see is what you get, so she will not be changing on anyone she has ever worked with. Labels, artists, and producers meet with her and 10 out of 10 times end up working with her or giving her connections to progress her career. We can expect a remarkably busy 2021 from Lady Ty. With her debut clothing line, upcoming web-series, and new music she has her best foot in front of her and is NOT looking back. Her single Go-Go featuring Top Shelf Entertainment artist JimmyLee is out now on all platforms. She also has an upcoming feature with rapper Yung La, and new album set to drop sometime this year #Undeniable.

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