The CEO of Traped Out Apparel, known by his friends as ‘Mal’ hails from a small town in South Carolina called Aiken. With only 2 high schools, and not much around the city to do for entertainment, the budding entrepreneur launched his brand with the plans of taking over the fashion industry with his catchy designs. In a world where Black designers receive a small percentage of a multi-billion-dollar pie it is 100% necessary to support and promote them as often as possible. Not looking to open his own store, he is making the easiest blueprint for himself by selling his collection online through his company website. Anyone who has ever ran a business or is currently running a business can understand the trials and tribulations that come with making sure everything is running smoothly, so he is putting majority of his energy into staying focused on his end goals.

What landed him into the fashion industry was quite the story. Being a big lover of Hip-Hop music, and a fan of Yo Gotti is what gives his collection that ‘urban’ yet clean and classy vibe to it. But after reading Steve Harvey’s novel ‘Act like Success, Think Like Success’ Mal knew he wanted to do something positive with his life to create income and leave a lasting impression amongst the world, thus creating the birth of Traped Out Apparel. While reading the book certain key topics reached out to him, such as to be successful you have to Horne in on your passion. His passion was always clothing, and he always had a love for being ‘fresh’, so he mixed the two genres together to create a brand that appeals to the pop-culture world we live in today.

Some challenges have arisen with his brand such as bad marketing deals and certain people not following up with jobs they were paid to do, so naturally the young entrepreneur is careful about working and trusting just anyone with his vision. Keeping his circle small and staying on top of all his own affairs is his current method for success. Follow him on Instagram here TR🏚🅿️ED OUT APPAREL (@trapedoutapparel) • Instagram photos and videos

The collection features very flawless finishes with bright colors and catchy styles that compliment a woman’s figure and gives off the Alpha male look on a man. His sportswear collection includes a 100% cotton finish complete with heavy embroidery, and a signature stitching to create an overall high-quality look. In other words, Traped Out Apparel is for the individuals who appreciates looking good, feeling good and sporting quality brands. Shop online here Traped Out Apparel

                                   What does “Traped Out” Mean?

Traped Out simply means you getting to the money. Whether it is a hustle or a traditional 9-5. If you getting to that bag at that very moment you Traped Out!

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