Miami native and budding artist known simply as ‘Ziggy’ is a talented all-around artist that does both paintings and tattoo work full time. Born in Jamaica, but raised in Miami, for as long as he can remember he has always been in love with the world of art. Since his early child hood days he has wanted to be the best at what he does, so he spent a great deal of time working on his craft. He began drawing as a young boy and stayed true to his profession since day 1 into his present adult hood. Tattooing is the genre he most wanted to develop himself at to become a better artist, so he worked full time at it to keep his skill set growing tremendously. Being soft spoken, well mannered, and easy to be around, his demeanor gives off the ‘artsy’ vibes that simply speak volumes about his style.

Taking time and pride in his work, Ziggy feels like “pushing the envelope” every day is what is benefiting him to grow successful in his field. Being an artist can be challenging at times because often you fall into a certain style or pattern with your work and typically follow the same style throughout your career. Ziggy prides himself on always attempting to learn and master new forms of expression, as well as staying productive with his work as a tattoo artist so that he is always raising the bar of his success!

He has been in his darkest times in his life when he was not creating, so naturally the budding talent is always busy being a creative. An admirer of Picasso, Salvador Dali, and Basquiat, he not only takes the time to study the greats before him, but he also respects the ones who opened the door for a young Black man to make it in the same industry.

During the year of 2020, the entire world was rocked with the biggest pandemic to hit the world in a long time. Millions of people lost their jobs, lost their lives, and were fighting to stay afloat while the economy was crashing all around the world. Schools closed, social distancing went into effect, and Ziggy’s sales increased by 100%.

While the world took a big hit, there was a rise in the support for small businesses, and luckily his business was 1 of the names that went into the green. Shockingly, he began to receive a high demand for his work, and the thankful artist has been busy and growing bigger ever since. Shop here Ziggys Art

“Soon as the pandemic hit my orders shot up maybe 500%. My post office lady became my best friend.”

A true talent in his own right, he has been busy doing mural restoration projects around the east coast of Florida. Already completing a project that was 25 years-old, he is in the works with doing further upcoming restorations around Fort Pierce, Florida. Follow him on Instagram here. ziggy (@dm_ziggy) • Instagram photos and videos

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