Wesley Chapel’s finest ‘Decatur Slime’ is sliding in the Hip-Hop Industry dropping fire and taking no names afterwards. Hailing from Decatur, Georgia the fresh on the scene rapper mentions he jumped into the industry to channel his energy into making music after dealing with the death of his younger brother. Not looking to give up or fold, Decatur Slime wants to use the art of music to express his feelings. This is the type of artist who literally came from the streets and is rapping about everything he really went through. Not 1 to ‘cap’ or project a false narrative about his image, you are getting 100% realness every lyric of the time. He is ‘slime’ life all day from the East side of Atlanta and is a part of the YSL family hence his green hair.

When asked what he is bringing to the industry he states that he is serving realness, and does not agree with anything fake or anyone faking it to get on. When you really come from the trenches and put time in behind the wall (jail), the hardest challenge of being locked down was for him to survive. These days being a ‘rapper’ consists of literally being about ‘that life’ so it’s no surprises with Decatur Slime. What you see is what you get. From being locked down, to living in 1 of the roughest neighborhoods in Georgia, his fans can be sure they are getting authentic story telling in his music 100% of the time.

                                                                                 “Hated by many, loved by few.”

                                                                                                              Decatur Slime

Tatted up from head to toe, sporting green hair, and an attitude that dares anyone to challenge him, the father of 6 says he uses time to balance fatherhood and his music! Being an independent artist requires much more of a system to achieve results so that you are making progress. You constantly must be working on your career when you don’t have a major record label backing you. Rather you are in the studio, networking, performing, or simply working on the business side of things his team is getting it done and making this happen. Despite the pandemic slowing down the entertainment industry tremendously, he has still been making it out to shows to perform. The music industry is a wild jungle of watching your back, front, side, and bank account. The choices you make in the beginning of your career can have a forever impression on you if you do not move the right way. Staying ten toes down and sticking to your own blueprint for success is what will get you through the tough times. With tough skin and a strong support system working with him, Decatur Slime will be a major breakout artist representing for Decatur, Georgia. His debut mixtape will be dropping this year and you can follow him on Instagram at 🐍Day 1💚 (@decaturslime) • Instagram photos and videos

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