Trill.Layyy is the Yin and the Yang at the same time in the music industry. A triple threat, rapper, singer and songwriter, her name means a balance of both being gangster and classy. The ‘Trill’ in her name represents her street, Hip-Hop vibe when she is giving off aggressive lyrics and melodies in her rap music. ‘Layyy’ represents her feminine side when she is giving her fans ballads and smooth R&B. It is a alter-ego within itself as she can be a girly-girl 1 day and then be a whole hood chick in the next instance. When you mix the moniker together you get a versatile artist who can give you an album full of heavy bars like when she is rapping with her label mates Jimmy Lee and Pooh Gotit, or a full R&B project of music about love and heartbreak. This ambitious Music Queen is already making quite the wave for herself in the south and growing a loyal fan base who appreciates her diverse music catalog.

To know where she is headed you would need to understand her foundation first. Signed to Top Shelf Entertainment, a notoriously rising in ranks record label in South Carolina, the budding MC linked with the label owner CEO Pigg who instantly took the growing star into his camp. Top Shelf Entertainment houses an All-Star lineup and is always doing booked shows throughout the most popular cities in the music industry. Rather the Spartanburg, South Carolina native is in the studio recording new music or busy being booked at a show, there is no denying her as a breakout star this year. With over 50,000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone, the new wave of female rap stars are highly in demand and each bring something fresh to the table. Spotify – Trill Layyy

With some solid collabs under her belt, she hit the Atlanta radar after her songs ‘Looking for Who’, and ‘Reality Check’ both featuring 1017’s Foogiano cleared 100’s of thousands of views/ streams online. ‘Looking for Who’ really put her out there for her punchlines and boastful rap flow bringing all the street vibes with a feminine touch. With Foogiano’s verse complimenting her she not only hit a new fan base, but her label also has a solid full team beside her with all the tools for success. Making it in the industry as a female artist always has its challenges, but with literally an army behind her Trill.Layyy’s talent is being seen and respected by many! Watch Here > (592) Trill.layy x Foogiano – Lookin For Who – The Directorz 4k – YouTube

Trill Layyy

TRILL’s message to her fans: “I seek to make music which listeners connect through feeling, emotion and importantly soul. Its TRILL, the authentic with an aggressive real feel. Top Shelf.”

The reason why Trill.Layyy will have a lasting career in the music business is she can also SANG!! Not only is she a dope lyricist, but she also loves to sing as well. Her current project Trill Wayyy gives you a mixture of love songs and hard-core rap that will really give you an insight as to who she is an artist. With plans to release a full R&B project as early as this year she will continue to gain new fans as she is putting out diverse music to cater to a wide range of audiences.

The music industry is a constant changing atmosphere that evolves with the rise and popularity of social media, artists taking charge of their own streams and access to the resources that independent labels need to make a breakout star without major record companies backing them. That is what you are getting from the Top shelf Entertainment label. A full-service shop with producers, models, rappers, and soldiers all in tune with the end goal of getting their rooster to go #1.

When asked how she signed with the label she quotes “We just found each other”.

On her to-do list she would love to work with Quality Control Record’s artist ‘Lil Baby’ so do not be surprised if there is a collab with the two later this summer. Not 1 to shy away from performing live the ebony rap goddess is a true performer and loves doing live shows. Follow her on Instagram here > TRILL VS. EVERYBODY (@trill.layyy) • Instagram photos and videos

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