Houston native/ rapper J Horne is in Las Vegas on the scene pushing his music to the extreme. With the rise of music upload sites such as Spotify, Tidal, and Soundcloud the typical ‘indie artist’ days have evolved into independent artists making their own lanes in the industry and completely having control of their work. Nowadays growing a loyal fan base, is the necessary step when coasting through the industry without a label backing. If your fans are requesting you, you will always have a job!

 A normal work for J Horne includes him bringing in income off his music, recording a few hours a day in the music studio and networking his talents throughout the Nevada market. After bouncing around from Texas to California, and now landing in Vegas he hit the ground running and has a busy upcoming summer filled with new projects and performances on the way. Although some may argue there is a lack of opportunity for music artists to grow here in the city, J Horne stated he has been received with open arms and is growing steady support for his movement.

His past project ‘Home Sick 4’ is currently out now on all platforms. The stylish rapper has music recorded and on the way for release this summer. A major fan of slain rapper, the legendary Nipsey Hussle, he appreciates how the California King moved and grinded in the industry with his own work. J Horne is the artist who walks in the room calm and collected, but once he is in the booth, he opens up into an entire rap monster. His lyrics are 100% Hip-Hop flavor, and he has the personality and star quality to match.

The budding entrepreneur also has a new clothing line on the way called ‘Trek Star Lifestyle’ complete with t-shirts and hoodies, as well as some appearances in some upcoming independent films being shot in Las Vegas.

If you are looking for an artist who can bring something different to the beat, then J Horne is your go to artist to work with. Follow him on Instagram 👑 King J. Horne 👑 (@jhorneforever) • Instagram photos and videos

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