After dabbling into the music industry, the fashion industry and being an overall cultural influencer, Houston, Texas native G Mayniac is now making a major name for himself as a ‘EATERtainment’ connoisseur. Self-titled, for being 1 of the firsts to make a name for himself in the entertainment industry as someone who taste tests and reviews the best restaurants around the world. He is a walking business, as he gets requests, bookings, and invites to stop at all the best eateries and try their most premiere menu items. Currently making rounds domestically in the U.S., he plans to start taking his Bless Tha Belly movement abroad and visiting different countries as well. Already working with big names such as Da Baby, Kay Kilo, Lil Flip, and Jhonni Blaze, look out for more fun content on the way from him here > (459) BlessThaBelly – YouTube

A very hands-on deck influencer, he has also done work at one of the biggest radio shows in Houston, ‘Urban One’, and learned the business side of entrepreneurship. G-Mayniac is a highly creative lover of the arts. After working in so many avenues, he decided to Horne in on an area that is always in demand, where not many people are making a wave off of it. Food! After getting food poisoning from eating at a fast-food restaurant and vowing to never eat it again, the birth of Bless Tha Belly was born. Not only is Bless Tha Belly a fun website to stop at Home | EATERTAINMENT ( it is established as a professionally known business in the food industry.   Bless Tha Belly provides many different services including G-Mayniac’s reviews eating at different restaurants, food photo shoots, marketing and beyond. As an extremely personable individual his pleasant demeanor and humble personality is keeping him busy and booked. Taking some painful loses within his family, pushing through the Coronavirus pandemic, and working extremely hard to grow his business, G-Mayniac is still on track to continue winning and has a multitude of new projects on the way this year despite life’s challenging obstacles. The celebrity foodie also has an entire album out now filled with music about food, and more music on the way.

With the Coronavirus and social media craze hand in hand creating a wave of upcoming entrepreneurs in the industry, G-Mayniac is 10 toes down staying solid on his growing brand. A fan of wings, his go to wing spot is American Deli. When you mix traveling with eating delicious food, the fun is endless and this is someone who thoroughly enjoys his work. His goal celebrity to eat and blog with would be President Barack Obama. With God on his side this star is on the up and up, follow him on Instagram here > G M A Y N E D A W R E C K 🚗💢🎤 (@gmayniac) • Instagram photos and videos

 “Bless Tha Belly” is your go to YouTube series that highlights real chefs, features trending talent, and markets cuisine weekly to the best of the best globally. Since 2017 host and show creator G-Mayniac worked to catapult the average food review and made it FUN to cover the restaurants and hot spots around the nation from LA to Georgia. Consider this your favorite EATERtainment show on YouTube and all social media platforms. Our host is always hungry and brings the show comedy, versatility, and interaction like tons of his bite reactions. The program got its start with coverage from foodies and travelers alike within and around Bless Tha Belly’s Houston network. That grew from decadent digital food photos and now features episodes with celebrities like Da Baby, Kashdoll and Blueface Baby. Believe Bless Tha Belly will be in your city or neighborhood one day checking out someone’s food stand, food truck, and even limited edition drop. Though the food looks too good to be true, the show’s taste ranges from vegan, seasonal specials and even their delicious #MunchiesAfterDark edition. Bless Tha Belly’s wide pallet, strategic promotion, plus visual reviews has expanded their digital followers by thousands. We do it to give our audience a little of everything they love (food and entertainment) in each episode! Make it a miracle today and make Bless The Belly your hub for grub. 

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