California native, now residing in Las Vegas, rapper Unique Amor is one of the best kept weapons in her city. She is a very versatile artist with a serious lyrical flow who brings something fresh to the music industry. This an artist who takes her time productively to put out great music with a plan of execution for each of her projects. Las Vegas is known for being a difficult area to break into and Unique has made it known it is not easy to break into the Hip-Hop scene there. Due to a lack of media outlets, showcases and opportunity for independent artists to build their platforms, thinking outside the box and staying solid is the route this budding female MC is going in.

Being a female artist in a male dominated industry is always tough in its own aspect. Unique Amor admits that some of the challenges she goes through are attempting to stay original without feeling like she is competing with other artists or, trying to imitate anyone’s style. Having her own sound and delivery complete with a leveled head keeps her ahead of the rest. It is no secret about the pressures to be overly sexy or flash some skin as a female artist, yet being a sex symbol is not anything, she has a problem with at all.

The struggles of life can always be somewhat difficult as well when you are an independent artist. Even with Rolling Stone reporting that Indie Artists earned over $200 Billion in revenue during the year 2020 alone, artists still have the struggles of doing their own marketing, music campaigns, music release, advertising and more. It can become quite overwhelming when you add on life, a job, children and more. A mother to 3 boys full time plus in school, she felt like at times she could not be herself as an artist and had to take some time off from her career to keep things on track. Not letting anything permanently get her down, she is back stronger than ever and has new music on the way!

At 27 years young, Unique Amor enjoys traveling the world as well as being an artist. Her biggest inspirations in the music industry are Tina Turner and Nicki Minaj. A very transcending artist, she can cover a range of music genres including Hip-Hop, R&B and pop.  This is going to be a productive summer for Unique who plans to release hit after hit, plus she has some heavy hitter collaborative projects on the way. When you ask this Boss what she is bringing to the industry, she keeps it straight to the point. Originality, culture, and a different vibe. Her major accomplishment to date is the recognition she is receiving in Las Vegs when she is on the scene off her music, as well as getting radio play in different states. Follow Unique on Instagram Unique amor❤️ (@therealuniqueamore) • Instagram photos and videos

“I love Hip-Hop and everything it represents. It’s the culture for me, the originality and creativity”.

                                                                                 “Look out for your girl”!

Unique Amor

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