The Hip-Hop industry is progressing into a Do-it-yourself ball of independent artists putting in the foot work to take charge of their own streams, marketing, music drops, and brand. With less demand for rappers searching for dead-end 360 deals and gathering the tools to earn 100% monetized income off their music the record companies have a new hand in the pot called Social Media. Theoretically speaking if your fans are loyal and supportive you will always have a job. With social media sites such as Instagram and Tik Tok launching fresh new artists into viral stardom every week, there is always a new wave of music to download and dance to. Last year in 2020 alone indie artists earned over $200 Billion dollars in revenue.

K_Nemacis has been steadily taking the text book method of dropping music and building new fans strategically. His latest single release ‘Back Door’ is a catchy summer bop that the whole hood can relate to. It mixes in the glorification of hustling in the trenches to make a dollar when the odds are all stacked against you! His vision behind the project was basically to create something everyone can relate to, that is catchy and different simultaneously. Not only is he a dope artist, he is also the CEO of his own Record Label Infa-Red Syndicate. Take a look at his latest visual below and follow him on Instagram Infa-Red Syndicate. (@k_nemacis) • Instagram photos and videos

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