Las Vegas is the hardest city to break into the music business, but like rapper Xay Intellect says, “it’s not impossible”. The female MC also mentions that she fights with what many artists in the industry go through ‘anxiety’. Anxiety is a feeling of fear, depression, or uneasiness that people go through when they are dealing with stress. After finally coming out of her shell and fighting the battle of anxiety she began to take some time to overcome her challenges and hit the stage.  Xay Intellect is also representing for the LGBTQ community which allows her the advantage to appeal to various audiences.

Xay Intellect

Xay is the type of artist who is going to bring you lyrical greatness with a special touch of sauce. Crediting Drake as her biggest inspiration, her cadence on the track is beyond catchy. Las Vegas has a huge movement going called the Las Vegas Female Cypher where some of the hardest female MCs come together and express themselves through music. The Vegas native credits that as her biggest accomplishment so far. “Came in, killed it and was voted by hundreds of people to be one of the few selected to perform at the grand finale. it was a DOPE experience”.

Las Vegas Female Cypher

At only 21-years old and embodying her own unique style of being masculine presenting, she prides herself on being a leader to represent this movement also being led by New York MC Young MA. She has an EP dropping this month as well, which she says will be an aptitude of truth.

Not just a dope rapper, Xay Intellect mentions her favorite hobby is painting. Her biggest inspiration is simply knowing that she can. The life she envisions for herself during her journey to greatness is what keeps her moving. Again, tying back to Drake, she demands herself to be as fearless and raw with her own talent.

Leading into the summer the industry will be receiving a lot of visuals and collaborations from her so make sure you keep the name Xay Intellect on your radar!

Being in the music business you must develop a sense of tough skin that allows you to move a certain way where you can remain unbothered by shade and negativity.  She is bringing versatility and representation to the industry.

“There aren’t a lot of masculine presenting woman getting the recognition they deserve, and I’d like to be one of the one’s to pave the way for others. I am bringing music that sticks. Something that gives nostalgic feel when you listen to it 10 years later. When I leave my print on the music game I will be remembered for my lyricism.

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