Social media is a powerful force if you know how to apply yourself on certain platforms and find your target audience. With the increased demand for influencers and popularity of social media aps such as Tik Tok and Instagram if you have a talent or in demand product you can for sure make a good steady income for yourself. With Atlanta being a mecca of entertainers, artists, and small businesses there are some extremely popular trends popping up on the internet.

Just past Thanksgiving holiday a video meme went viral of the notorious ape ‘Caesar’ of Rupert Wyatt’s ‘Rise of the planet of the Apes’ in a voice over edited clip asking Will Rodman played by actor James Franco for $20. The meme went viral and had the entire Black twitter re-sharing the hilarious clip. That is when T Money got the idea to create an entire brand with the Ape meme. After posting a video meme on his Instagram page with a new voice over which was shared online by big name rappers such as Trouble and Snoop Dogg, the birth of ‘The God of Apeshxt’ was born. T Money now has a rapidly growing brand doing club promotions with big name artists, complete with merchandise on the way, and the most hilarious video memes featuring the talking ape.

It was not always a fun ride. The Decatur native mentions that he has seen a lot of troubling things coming up and had to jump hurdles, overcome obstacles, and find his way while stepping into his path of greatness. The streets can be a jungle of its own and T Money speaks on 1 of the most painful situations he witnessed was a woman who was going through a mental breakdown, walking down the street in his neighborhood cutting herself. He talks about growing up in the drug era and how it broke down the Glenwood / Decatur area which was a rough place to live.

The out spoken influencer is a local celebrity in Atlanta and has a heavy following in the Hip-Hop community, where he is widely respected by many.  Naming himself Og, he keeps it real to himself and others using his platform to discuss social injustices, problems in the community, political tidbits, world news and more. Stating that people do not listen to you unless you put it in the form of entertainment, the official #letmetellusummyboy comedian is taking his platform to the next level giving out free game and life lessons through his brand. His content is consistent, entertaining and above all enlightening. Follow him on Instagram OG Ape Shxt The Real 1 (@ogtmoneytv) • Instagram photos and videos

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  1. T Money has really grown and making a bigger name for his self . I am so proud of you keep on doing you friend!!!!!!!!!!!

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