Triumph Tissue is an Atlanta based business that launched during the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic and has been steadily growing since then. The owners Keisha and Zabian Gibson are a married couple with a happy family. After leaving the Finance Industry after 20 years of employment, they took business into their own hands launching the 1st online based Toilet Tissue Company with 3-ply toilet tissue. Their product is 100xs softer and more durable than the competition.  Already being featured on Access Wired, LA Wire, Market Watch, NY Weekly and the US Reporter the power couple is providing a huge necessity to homes across America. Their moto is simple ‘Wipe Like a Winner’, and their product is the closest thing you get to wiping with silk!

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It is our pleasure to welcome you to the epitome of bathroom luxury. Soft as silk, Triumph Tissue takes toilet paper to a whole new level. Crafted with three layers of threads, this tissue is far more durable and absorbent than your average toilet roll. Triumph tissue is such a winner, you will hardly want to leave your porcelain throne. 

Triump Tissue

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