Female rapper and proud member of the LGBT community Humpbakk_Chunk is in the industry making a wave for herself and has let it be known that she is here to stay. The Kansas City native went viral this month after her single ‘Bitchy Mood’ made it on the radar of several mainstream artists who loved her raunchy music. Like most viral sensations, the shock value behind the vivid track comes with a female rapper proudly rapping about being pleasured by a beautiful female companion. The full song title is called ‘Bitchy Mood – I Just Nutted’ and has been shared by Grammy artist Chris Brown, Texas Club God ‘Beat King’, DJ Suede the Remix God, Atlanta rapper Trouble and various other people who were clutching their pearls off the lyrics.

Humpbakk_Chunk does not desire to follow the masses on what is accepted in the entertainment industry and is working to prove to the naysayers that despite her humped back, and unique look, her talent rings off loud and clear. After the success of ‘Bitchy Mood’ the budding celebrity has released yet another amazing track titled ‘Hefty’ out now on all platforms. After having her 1st debut interview on the ‘Live with Carisha Show’ the artist is ready to do features, network, and is open to work with any hard-working artists. From living a life where she was always having to deal with haters and negative energy, the ‘Bitchy Mood’ rap star is peddling forward and not giving an ounce of attention to what anyone has to say bad about her. Being a female in the music industry can be stressful enough with having to look and carry yourself a certain way, and she made it clear that there should be room for every talented woman looking to break into the business without having to sale sex or put out over-sexualized content to chart. Follow her on Instagram @humpbakk_chunk OFFICIAL HUMPBAKK_CHUNK PAGE🌈 (@humpbakk_chunk) • Instagram photos and videos and check out her latest interview below.

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