Splash Rob aka Party wit Splash is Ohio’s biggest club event promoter / DJ in his home city of Cleveland. Always the life of the party, he has had rapper Future at a past event and more. This is a very smart artist who treats his brand like a business. To be able to monetize your music and get paid for what you love is a great feeling in the industry. Splash Rob also has his own brand of water on the way as well.  

This business man doesn’t shy away from keeping his image as professional as possible, and expresses himself through his music.

Check out his music video here:

Splash has a talent for making parodies out of Hip Hop and in the past put out a entire mixtape with hilarious lyrics. He is the type of artist who doesn’t put himself in a box and can cover a wide range of genres musically. Since having Future at his event in Cleveland, the Freebandz, Rapper ended up signing a artist out of Ohio.

Check out my 1 on 1 interview with Splash Rob below and follow him on Instagram @partywitsplash

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