Everyday people travel to what is known as the countries’ ‘Black Hollywood’ aka Atlanta, Georgia to pursue dreams of becoming successful in the entertainment industry, open Boutiques, becoming Brand Ambassadors, influencers, top-charting rappers and more. If you work hard enough, stay consistent, and dedicated to your craft the possibilities of your success are endless. Only a handful of artists, 1% to be exact make it to the level of success they desire in the Music Business. The good news to that equation is that thanks today to DIY uploads, and artists able to market and manage themselves especially with the progress of social media, the need for a Record Deal is not the overall objective for artists as big as it was 10 to 15 years ago. Follow him on Instagram OhhSo (@ohhso1) • Instagram photos and videos

Rapper ‘OhhSo’ hails from South Jersey and is quickly growing a strong fan base. Breaking into the Hip-Hop Industry from New Jersey requires a lot of footwork and networking. Often there is the competition with getting exposure against bigger cities like Philadelphia, and the boroughs of New York. Not afraid to take risks and stepping out of his comfort zone, OhhSo knows he has what it takes to chart hits, and is networking on the Atlanta scene, as well as staying on top of his music career with consistency.

With a heavy lyrical flow filled with story lines, struggles, coming out the trenches, and baring his soul, his music gives you something fulfilling to not just listen to, but relate to especially if you ever came from the streets or a time of hardship.  Already hitting the radars of top Philadelphia DJ’s, OhhSo has already made the rite of passage onto the NOTORIOUS DJ Cosmic Kev Come Up Show, freestyling almost 20 minutes straight for the rap vet. He also has the Coalition DJ’s co-signing him, most notably DJ Alamo who is a known pioneer in the game.

Just sitting with this talented artist for 1 sit-down will tell you everything you need to know about him. He bares his soul in his music, appreciates true Hip-Hop, has both lived and survived the real street life so we are witnessing a rapper who literally is about that life! Not one to speak to much about nothing, when he opens his mouth he speaks clearly, and with a sense of knowledge about him. He prides himself on including meaning behind what he is rapping about.  His demeanor is the true essence of star quality, and even after multiple comparisons to Phila rapper Meek Mill, OhhSo has his own style, with dope relatable music that the streets are calling for.

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