African/ Afrobeat artist Novalis has dropped a new video, “Play Like” and it’s a total BOP!! Novalis teamed up with HD Genesis Films to create a fun exciting visual out now. With this smooth record, Novalis asserts himself as a powerful presence emerging in 2021 with consistency and quality music. There is also a fun dance challenge to go with the project called the  #PlayLikeChallenge. To join, simply post a video on Tik Tok or Instagram of yourself dancing to the track, using the hashtag and an emoji of your national flag. Novalis will pick 3 winners to receive clothes and/or Cash Prizes. He is starting the 1st quarter of the year off booked and busy. Fans of the African Superstar are eagerly anticipating his upcoming new music release later this year. The Ghana, West African native, accumulated a serious passion for music throughout his life. It takes a true artist to rise up from the trenches, especially with coming into the game from another country and using his challenges as lyrics and testimony in his music. He uses rap as his medium of expression while incorporating a Afrobeat sound to it. Novalis used music and education as his gateway into the United States!

After moving to Atlanta with his family, he is on the right track for success as a breakout artist and in the perfect city to network in.  His overall goal is to bridge the gap between American and African music, and prove to a generation of Africans that the American dream can be the African dream as well! “Novalis is one of the few African artists that is really putting in much work and dedicating his lyrics strictly to real-life situations.” – D Klass, (

“Play Like” has already generated over 70k+ views via YouTube and over 18k+ plays via Spotify.

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