China Monai

It is a beautiful time right now in the Hip-Hop community with the rise of female artists on the scene. Albany, Georgia native China Monai came in the game swinging and is not slowing down for anyone or anything. The Trap R&B Princess has bars and sultry vocals to back it up making her a very versatile artist that can cover a variety of music genres.

Signed to Ugly Money Entertainment in Atlanta, not only does she have a strong team behind her working to see her circle laps around the finish line, but her debut single ‘Jetski’ featuring rapper Pap Chanel is quickly racking up the views on YouTube. China Monai has a sweet demeanor and comes off like the girl next door, but when she is on stage performing live her entire energy is amped up and she is giving it everything she has got. Her stage presence is exceptional, and she is the type of true artist who can do a show set without any back vocals.

Jetski ft Pap Chanel

In 2020 alone Rolling Stone reported that independent artists were set to earn over $200 Billion in revenue thanks to DIY uploads, and artists taking charge of their own streams. With most artists coming out the gate these days shying away from record labels and doing it all on their own, the possibilities of financial success in the music business are endless, especially when you have a loyal fan base.

Recently coming off tour with rapper YFN Lucci, this rising artist got signed to Ugly Money Entertainment, jumped from 600 followers on Instagram to 27k, and now has a hit single out now on all platforms going up. Her 2021 New Year’s plans are to keep growing her fan base and working on her craft. She also loves to work with other artists so feel free to email her and tap in. She has made it clear she does not compete and is happy to work with anyone. Follow her on Instagram and stream Jetski out now! Follow her on Instagram C H I N A M O N A I (@iamchinamonai) • Instagram photos and videos


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