The new wave of entrepreneurs on the scene are millennials, innovative, hardworking, and extremely talented. Today more then ever the younger generation are finding their own ways to make a comfortable income to afford the luxuries around the world. Rather you are a small business owner, personal chef, model, club promoter, or even on Only Fans, the possibilities of working for yourself are endless. Even with the pandemic hitting the world last spring in 2020, there are still very hard-working people who get up day to day and make it happen for themselves.

Kai Lynn

Kai Lynn is a business owner, music artist, model, budding comedian, and all-around Boss Chick running it up on the Black Hollywood scene we all know as Atlanta. Not afraid of hard work but unwilling to be broke she rose up the ranks of the strip club scene, saved her money and plans to buy land, owns her own custom jacket line, and is a full-time Social Media influencer. Kai has worked in some of the biggest Strip Clubs on the scene in Atlanta, has been booked to perform overseas, and on tours as well. After leaving the Strip Club scene she went into Real Estate with buying properties and re-selling them. There are show girls, and then there are girls who are the show. Kai is not only talented, she is smart. Since a young girl she has had the ambition to go after what she wanted. She’s also financially smart, understands the value of the dollar, and how to make them. With over 700k Instagram followers and a loyal fan base of people who LOVE her fun personality and voluptuous curves, the Pisces Queen possesses all the components to make a star and her own coins. Not only is she a businesswoman, but she is also a upcoming actress and will be in a feature film this year titled ‘Weedman 2. Her fans can also be on the lookout for new music from her as well.  Check out her interview below and tap into her businesses.

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