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The most important part of the music business is knowing a good DJ. Chances are if you are an independent artist you have been through the struggle of pushing to get your music played in the club, on the radio, or on your favorite podcast. When you look hard enough if you are lucky you can find someone in love with the true art of DJing, especially breaking records. West Palm Beach can crown DJ Fourteen with that energy. The young upcoming DJ is already making a wave for himself on the party scene and working with mainstream artists. He has had the pleasure of working with Rod Wave, King Von and has hosted some of the biggest parties in his city. He has been throwing parties since he was 11 years-old and his biggest accomplishment was getting booked for the ‘Ghetto Gospel Tour’ with Rod Wave.

Hailing from a small area in South Florida, called Palm Beach County, which is about an hour from Miami, he started DJing when he was just 15 years old. He credits his mother as his influence for falling in love with the craft. His mom owns her own night-club in his hometown, and she persuaded him to start hosting his own parties to earn income. He got frustrated always having to pay for a DJ, so naturally he decided to start doing it for himself. 4 years later and still only at the young age of 19 he has been going hard ever since.

Despite the Pandemic really effecting a lot of artists and influencers in the industry who were not able to book shows or appearances, DJ Fourteen has not slowed down a bit. He has been booking shows safely and still making it happen for himself. After going on tour with Rod Wave and DJing for 100k’s Slay Zy, he linked up with slain rapper King Von while on tour and managed to DJ a few shows for him. He enjoyed working with Von, and said the rapper was truly a pleasure to be around. His dream tour would be to DJ for Detroit rapper YN Jay.

This is a true music lover who is always willing to work with upcoming talents. Indie artists are more then welcome to send him music for consideration to be played. He credits that playing rising talent’s music was what landed him on tour with mainstream artists. Although he has yet to break a record worldwide, locally in South Florida he is credited for breaking music for both Soldier Kidd ‘GTA’ and Reace Sosa ‘Reincarnated’.

Taking your craft seriously and investing in yourself are the underlining secrets to making it any field you work in. DJ Fourteen says the most important job of being a good DJ is “keeping the crowd lit, the crowd has to stay lit”.

2021 is here and in full effect. His upcoming projects include working on a bigger party to out do the 1 he want viral for last year. Anyone looking for a dope party to hit up in South Florida or a DJ looking to break your music should follow and reach out to him on Instagram.

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