West Palm Beach rapper Luh T5 is that young, hungry artist that comes into the game turning heads with the consistency and his style to back it up. With a very fashionable look he can double as a model or actor, but music is his passion. He has been recording music since he was in high school and his Sophomore year is when he started taking it seriously. It’s ‘slime life’ all day for Luh T5 who says his biggest inspiration is Young Thug, so it comes as no surprise that Young Stoner Life Records is his dream label to one day sign with.

The Florida scene is such a cultural experience when your there, and their style in the Hip-Hop community is no different. If you have visited the hotspots Miami has to offer like ‘The Office’ ‘KOD’ or anything on Collins Avenue, then chances are you have seen a guy walking around with ‘Wicks’. This signature look is extremely popular amongst the rappers who dreed their hair and then pull them into thick plaits to represent palm trees. T5 wears his hair neatly done as such which gives him that superstar look. This is a true artist who brings a story to his lyrics and has that attitude about himself that gives anyone in his presence the vibes like you just know he is destined for greatness. Overall having the “it factor” is what will make you into a true artist.

As an artist and entrepreneur his upcoming clothing line T5 Apparel’ is set to drop sometime in 2021. The line will carry his staple T-shirts available soon. He has not let the current pandemic slow down his hustle at all this year and he has been constantly in the studio sharpening up his craft and recording music.

With Rolling Stone reporting that Independent artists are set to earn $200 Billion in revenue during 2020 thanks to DIY uploads and taking charge of their own streams, T5 is more then comfortable with getting it on his own without a label behind him. With respect to the business, he is focusing right now on managing his own career, networking, and setting himself up to be in a comfortable position to fully market his music. He also plans on opening a few businesses as well. His biggest challenge being independent is not being able to trust anyone and only depending on himself.

The rap industry is always a musical jungle and with the recent deaths lost this year Luh T5 feels like what you rap about can sometimes come back to haunt you. He is not big on being flashy on social media, and the whole ‘superstar’ look is not really his cup of tea. More of a laid-back individual he prefers to let his music speak for him. A fan of Spiderman and lover of the arts we can expect to see him on the big screen as he plans to one day go into acting. He has been spending the tail end of his year traveling to Atlanta and other cities doing features and media runs. With a mixtape out now featuring YSL’s Fireboy and promoting his music with his team his album is set to drop January 2021. Follow him on Instagram @luh_t5

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