I meet a lot of people in the industry who can sing, rap, produce, DJ etc. but rarely do I ultimately meet a true artist. A artist is someone who embodies their craft and everything they do or create is done with passion and commitment. A artist won’t release a single verse, project or video unless they utmost have it planned out meticulously the way they want it. July Dreaming is a artist and her voice is the art on her canvas.

Full Album Here: https://music.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_lFlCrwknGSaUtdIczXayVAMJnG3Tng3uo

The wave of new R&B artists on the scene is quite refreshing when many people were speculating if this genre of music was being overlooked for the new Pop-Rap / Trap-Rap movement. Despite the music industry constantly changing, R&B music is without a doubt here to stay, and singer July Dreaming is helping to keep it on the forefront. This is an artist who writes her own music and has her hands in on the composition and delivery of everything she works on. She does not need a team to create a hit, just a pen, a pad, and she puts her heart into her music every time.  Singing since a little girl, the Ohio native credits Brandy and Aaliyah as her musical inspiration. July is one of the artists who brings raw talent on any track. No auto-tune, heavy mastering needed because this star is every bit of a vocalist. She just recently released her album ‘Manifest Love’, and it is every bit of an outstanding body of work. The project brings a sexy breath of fresh air with her love making ballets. After taking a little bit of time out from the industry to find herself, this Queen is giving her fans quality, emotion, good vibes, and powerful vocals on her album. Her single ‘Heart Repair’ will take you back to being in love for the 1st time with a feeling of bliss. She is a true artist who will have a longevity in the industry others can only dream of simply because she has pure talent.

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