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Taseti is an ebony goddess hailing from where the water is blue, and the sand is white. It is no secret that Florida is a melting pot of cultures who all bring a unique vibe to Miami and surrounding cities. The Miami Hip Hop scene is sometimes overlooked simply because there is so much going on in the city, but a ‘dope’ rapper will always remain on everyone’s radar. Taseti has that pretty girl voice but when she opens her mouth to rap, you are always getting bars laced with a heavy rap flow. She most certainly has her own style and brings flavor to the industry. The talented MC came up with her name from a tribe in Egypt, and she fell in love with the meaning behind it regarding the African American culture being a ever-lasting impression in the history of Earth.

Working hard on her craft, Taseti is balancing her music career and motherhood. She has a young daughter who is 1 of her major inspirations. The amount of support and love for women who get up every day to raise their own, and still get out in the music business is what makes America a success. Here there are no rules, no norms to have to stick to. With Rolling Stone reporting in their Independent Artist Sector, that estimations included that independent artists generated $1.61 billion from recorded music in 2019… and that, in 2020, this figure will climb 32% to more than $2.1 billion. These numbers are proving everyday that artists can work hard, monetize their music, even control what type of music they put out to the world, and when they decide to. Taseti has been utilizing Soundcloud as her central music platform and has been releasing singles to build a following. She initially enjoyed poetry before her love for rapping and, is a true artist who prides herself on bringing substance into her catalog. With a dislike for the over-sexualizing in today’s music, she wants to bring authentic Hip-Hop without any gimmicks to her fans. She is heavily inspired by Nipsey Hussel and Lil Wayne. 2021 will be a big year in the music business and the hard work that Taseti has been putting in will resonate off everyone’s radars! Follow Taseti on Instagram @theone_taseti

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