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The rise of Black owned businesses on the forefront for 2020 has been quite astonishing. Despite this being 1 of the most challenging years we have all had to deal with in a long time regarding the Coronavirus, Police Brutality, and the Presidential Election it has been a year to really evaluate what indispensable meaning you bring to the community and more. Chances are, if you are any kind of go-getter you knew how to make something out of nothing.  With the unemployment rate being at a all time high, and many people left out of work, the American people have had to instantly jump into ‘survivor’ mode to make ends meet.

1 of those ‘somethings’ that came up out the mud is essentially the newest must-have toiletry line in the business industry ‘Triumph Tissue’. This fast-growing new Atlanta based small business is Black owned, and providing all of America’s households with their soft, comfortable 3-ply toilet tissue brand. Now more then ever we need the support of the community to represent for Black owned businesses.

Keisha and Zabain Gibson have both worked in the finance industry for over 25 years. They also admitted that they enjoy working together.

“We do everything together and have the same goals in mind. So, it works. We have 6 kids. Zabain came to me with the idea of starting our own toilet paper company. And let alone being subscription base”

                     Keisha Gibson

We caught up with this amazing Power Couple to get a Q&A in about their company. Read below and make sure to shop Triumph Tissue here =

  1. Tell us a little about why you two decided to launch Triumph Tissue?

Due to the pandemic, seeing the shortage on toilet paper and how people cherish toilet paper over food. That let us know how important this product is, and we thought that it was only right for people that look like us to own such an essential product. The subscription would be one less worry for consumers. To where it comes to them monthly without them having to think about it

2.  What were some of the trials you went through to get the company launched?

Getting people to think differently on how they purchased their toilet paper. Support something other than the name brands that they are used to seeing in the grocery stores.

3. What are all the products you currently have for sale and will there be any new products in the future?

Currently we have 3 Ply toilet paper, and, in the future, we plan on incorporating clutch wipes and paper towels.

4. Describe a typical work week for you?

Check emails, engage with customers on social media, post on all platforms, package orders, generate content, post again, mail out packages, brainstorm on new ideas or different contests, or different ways to engage with our clients or soon to be clients, get evening orders packed and ready to ship out for the next day. At night we study the industry and see how we can improve and grow the brand.

5 How did you come up with the company name?

We came up with about 3 different names, brainstormed on them all, threw the names out there to others for opinions and decided to go with Triumph because of how powerful it came across, and represented what we were going to become.

6 What sets you apart from other toiletry companies?

 We sale a subscription-based product to the consumer.

7. How has the initial launch of Triumph Tissue been?

The launch has been great! We have gotten a lot of support from all over the country.

8. What are the company’s plans for 2021?

To continue to grow our subscribers and launch some of the new products.

9. Will Triumph Tissue be coming to big chain stores and supermarkets?

We are wanting to expand more towards hotels vs grocery stores. The everyday consumer we want to keep on our own platform.

10. What is your company moto?

Wipe like a winner!!


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