It is the people who are not afraid to take risks in this world that will ultimately make it to a level of success that they never imagined. W8llahi a native of ‘Little Haiti’ in Miami is not only talented with his music but is highly intelligent and encourages the Black community to think outside the box. When you look at how the music scene has had an increase of financially successful Indie artists, you cannot help but notice how the hardest working ones are the most gifted. The numbers don’t lie and the artists who are taking charge of their music catalog, their masters, and overall brand image are reeking the benefits of living as a signed mainstream artist, without having to deal with the ‘puppet strings’ attached with janky label contracts. Also having the leg room to move freely with DIY music uploads and the accommodation of social media to promote your own music, there is a whole new wave of hungry artists behind the scenes really putting in pressure. W8llahi is one of those artists.

Despite the Coronavirus Pandemic leaving the entertainment industry nearly in shambles, he has still managed to knock out some amazing show performances this past summer and even worked with 3x ATL Hip Hop Awards Winner, DJ Capo. Being very lyrically diverse, he is finishing his last quarter of the year strong with an upcoming project and dedicated plans for 2021. His upcoming project titled ‘Good Boy’ is on the way for his fans and will include 13 new tracks. After seeing him on the ‘Live with Carisha’ show some things his fans should know about him is that he is super down to earth and very chill. He is also a proud Republican and does not feel Black Americans should automatically vote Democrat because of the color of their skin. His favorite Female rapper is Erica Banks, so hopefully we can see a collab from the two in the future. When we asked his 1-year plan for his career he commented that he is determined to begin headlining some major Music events and hitting the top 100 charts.

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