The 2020 NFL season is officially underway! Thursday night’s game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans at the Arrowhead Stadium drew quite the surprise from the reporters and local media outlets who were in attendance. It also drew a strong reaction from the fans and many people on social media expressing their disappointment about the opening activities before the kick-off. The Chiefs remained on the field and locked arms during the playing of the “Black National Anthem” also known as “Lift Every Voice and Sing”. For those who may not be familiar with the powerful song it was made popular when Grammy winning Mega Star ‘Beyoncé’ opened her infamous Coachella performance singing the anthem with a live band. While the anthem played the players for the Houston Texans were not present on the field.  This new addition to the world of Football drew a large amount of criticism on social media, while many approving fans showed their support. The most shocking image of it all was the fans of Kansas City appearing to boo during the moment of unity. As players from both teams locked hands to show unity, the fans of the Kansas City Chiefs could be heard booing throughout the stadium.   Many fans of the NFL have already begun to express their disagreement with the league’s idea to play the anthem at the start of their games which was announced earlier this summer. There were some devoted fans who even went as far to say that they would no longer be attending any further games. Twitter has erupted with many users showing disagreement with the fans booing at tonight’s game. All of this comes on the heels of one of the most racially tense upcoming Presidential elections to hit the country in a long time. No comment has been made by Donald Trump as of yet about the actions of the fans.

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