Jade Taylor is 1 of Phila’s biggest rising stars! It is no secret that Jade Taylor is drop dead gorgeous and could probably pick up a 2nd job in the modeling industry if she felt like it. The soft-spoken MC checked in with Carisha The Diva in Atlanta, and talked about her upcoming music, beauty regiment, working in a male dominated field and the challenges of being an independent artist. Jade’s music gives you a lot of island / trap Hip-Hop Boss Chick vibes, and her visuals are both polished and sexy! A lot of her fans do not know she has a twin brother who is also in the industry as well, but don’t expect a twin project anytime soon, because these two like to stay in their own lane. Her favorite sport is football, and if she could work with anyone in the industry she would love to work with Megan Thee Stallion and Summer Walker. Being a female rapper in the Hip Hop industry is a full-time job in itself, because you are always competing to prove your artistry goes past what you look like. We are proud that Jade has such a great balance of intelligence, talent, and ambition which is for sure allowing her to elevate to new levels in her career. Follow her on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/thejadetaylor/  and check out her interview below.

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