Candace Owens is not the one to go tit for tat with when it comes to politics. Recently rapper Cardi B threw jabs at Candace Owens about her views on Donald Trump. Cardi B has been dabbling in politics since the start of the current election campaign. She started out campaigning for senator Bernie Sanders who although put up a good fight, did not get enough votes to make it anywhere near the White House. Candace Owens did a follow up in response to Cardi B’s remarks to her and came with receipts about the ‘WAP’ rapper doing more damage then good in the Black community. Candace Owens kept it very classy and educated when she schooled the Bodak Yellow MC to get more educated on Politics before speaking on the subject. After her 8-minute read, she finished by telling the rapper she was going to send her a copy of her new book, ‘Black Out’. Look at the hilarious video below.

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