Texas native, and 2020 Presidential Candidate ‘Jade Simmons’ is rising in popularity with the millennials for her strong beliefs, policies, and plans for a better tomorrow.

It is very frustrating for many people to decide which direction they wish to vote in. While several people are on the fence, planning on not voting, or playing rock, papers, scissors, with their Presidential decision on the ballot, a new name is rising up fast, and she has the receipts to back up her ideas.

Jade Simmons, Independent Candidate and the leader of the Operation Restoration Movement has a solid proofed mission to better the USA. The mission of Operation Restoration is to restore the United States of America to its God-given identity of being a unified nation that honors God and serves all people. To strip away the dysfunctional practices of divisive politics and bring forth a new lane of leadership that prioritizes people over profit, political games, and personal agendas. Lastly to give voice to the voiceless and the “muted middle” – those individuals that don’t fully agree with the left side or the right side but believe there is a place in the middle where we can honorably meet and find common ground on the issues that matter to our country.



While many mainstream news outlets are refusing to allow her voice to be heard, her strengths and capability to run the United States is undeniable. Married to her college sweetheart, mother, professional pianist, author and presidential candidate, Jade Simmons and her followers believe she has what it takes to Make America Great Again…honestly. The Washington Post reviewed her work as a “clear, powerful pianist with a magnetic personality.” Jade Simmons believes that the new idea of leadership does not need to come from a burnished politician, or typical markers of commercial success, but from being completely non-partisan, no party loyalties, and no base except serving the nation. This intelligent and vibrant leader is on a mission to repair the damage done to the cultural and spiritual fabric of America in this unprecedented age of division. Being vocal about not being a politician, and that the US doesn’t need another political figure to lead the country, she has a long list of policies, plans, and agendas to progress the American people. Her 3 focal points of her agenda are Pro-human, Pro-prosperity, and Pro-Protection which can be further explained on her website listed above. Look at her latest interview below and be sure to check out her Operation Restoration 2020 website for more.

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