The independent scene in the Hip-Hop world can be financially rewarding when you put the work in to make sure all your avenues are covered, and the ‘Goat Dynasty’ which houses Doja, Bankz, and female rapper Kyri is here to play!

Doja * Bankz

Rather you are promoting your Soundcloud or Spotify links to have a rewarding number of streams, or investing in effective media advertisement, being an independent artist in 2020 is the new wave. Everyday artists are breaking out of their comfort zones and working hard to make sure they can deliver new music to their fans and staying ahead of the competition with an influential social media presence. Everyone is not guaranteed to make the cut, and more will end up quitting or ‘giving up’ then crossing over to mainstream success. This is a field that requires constant dedication and hard work! Louisiana rappers Doja and Bankz not only have the college education under their belt, they work together as a team with their business in music to remain productive and consistent. Doja has taken the lead with staying on top of their managerial duties such as campaigns, marketing, and networking, while Banks is busy in the studio serving us singles. They recently traveled to Atlanta for a live interview with me and it was an honor to learn about their grind, and the work they are putting in for their careers in the music industry. Check out their interview below.

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