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XP Dinero brings something fresh and motivating to the world of Hip-Hop with his music. The DC native was once signed to a major label, and is currently independent, focusing 100% on his music. After leaving the infamous ‘Universal Music Group’ he has considered being there a learning experience. In the industry sometimes you have to take different routes for success, and as of now he wants to take the time to put the footwork in on his own to reach higher levels of success with his music. With the guidance and coaching from his manager CEO of Xcintric Media Group, Jamie Starr the duo have been quite productive with releasing dope new music and re-branding XP to stay the course in the competitive field we all know as the music business. His current single ‘Running 2 You’ is a whole vibe for anyone to groove to. We are excited to see what is next to come from him this summer. Take a peek at our interview below and follow him on Instagram @xpdinero

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