By: Carisha 7/17/2020

A young Black woman has been missing for 12 days now in the state of Georgia without any major media attention or help from local authorities!!

Deztani Williams who also goes by ‘Nini’ want missing 12 days ago and was last seen in Marietta, Georgia. Family of the victim made it clear that she does suffer from a mental illness, and allegedly Cobb County will not cooperate with filing a missing person’s report. Both the Fulton County Police Department and the Cobb County Police Department are going back, and forth about which entity has jurisdiction over the case. The missing young girl may be in danger and both her family and friends are deeply worried about her.

Je’Melody, the missing girl’s older sister is a musician in Atlanta who has been at the station several times seeking help and assistance with finding her. She has made it known that she has been receiving text threats from a un known person(s), about the whereabouts and safety of her younger sister! Although it has now been confirmed that the perpetrators who sent the texts actually don’t have the victim, the fact of the matter is that she is missing! With 12 days passed and Deztani Williams still missing, no investigation has been started from either police department nor has an official police report been documented! If you have any information regarding the victim, please contact the Cobb County Police Department – Detective Holt @ (770) 499- 3900

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UPDATE: This is a fake ransom from a sick sadistic individual who preys on families that have missing loved ones. HOWEVER THE FACT STILL REMAINS THE POLICE ARENT DOING THEIR JOBS AND SHE IS STILL MISSING! 🚨 Clearly BLACK LIVES DONT FUCKING MATTER! My sister has been missing for 12 days!!! And while I’m aware most of y’all don’t give AF I Do! @fultoncountypolicedepartment and @cobbcountypolicedepartment literally just sat here and went back and forth about who had jurisdiction over this case when a life is literally in danger!! Regardless if this sick demented fucking soul who sent these messages actually has her or not the fact still remains SHES MISSING!!! And they don’t care! The media won’t pick it up, we’ve sent @fox5atlanta numerous messages, I’ve sent @blackandmissingfdn request after request to post her I’ve even filled out the form and still nothing! We’ve contacted the @fbi and they can’t give us any answers or even commit to doing anything. This is Insane! Is this really the world I live in?! It’s been translated so many times that she has a mental impairment and is not a properly functioning adult and STILL NOTHING!! People don’t give a fuck because it’s not somebody white or a fucking celebrity but I GIVE A FUCK and I’m not letting them get away with not trying to find her! It’s been 12 days and they haven’t even started the investigation and now they are saying they have to do a report and someone will contact us but what’s the fucking protocol when a life is being threatened?! I’m over humanity after this. I’m disgusted! #missingpersons #blackandmissing @keishabottoms #atlanta #fbi #bringdeztaniback @theshaderoom @cnn

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