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By: Carisha

‘Krown Me Lashes’ founded by Kelly Little is one of Atlanta, Georgia’s most premiere mobile lash stop headquarters!

Everyday dozens of aspiring entrepreneurs travel to Atlanta in hopes of building a solid business and living the good life. The city is a melting pot of self-published authors, actors, stylists, dancers, beauticians, musicians, and more. It is also no surprise that Atlanta is home to many successful Black women who run their own empires! Krown Me Lashes was established in 2015 and has been growing steadily ever since. The owner of the company, Kelly Little a southern belle from South Carolina, who moved to Georgia in 2014 to pursue her career in the billion-dollar make-up industry. Once arriving to the city she hit the ground running, because she came here with a plan to be self-employed and build her own empire. After receiving training from Brite Spa Academy in California and getting her license, she put in the necessary footwork to build great client relationships and prides herself on delivering exceptional service.

The key to making it in a new city is never be afraid to take risks, and you must always break out of your comfort zone. If your comfortable you are not going hard enough. Kelly of Krown Me Lashes is proof that you can live the American dream how YOU want to!! She has lashed over 150 women in the past 2 years and is available for booking at

“Do not give up on your dreams no matter how much of a nightmare it may seem! Keep pushing! The hard work will definitely payoff”    

                                                                             Kelly Little

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