By: Carisha

While we are in the craziest period some of us have ever seen in the world, now is the time to practice and strengthen your spiritual and mental well-being!

Black Power Yoga is the new wave. For so long ‘Yoga’ has been ignored or not seen as relevant in the Black community. The notion that Black women do not practice the art is one false pretense we no longer need. At a time in America where everyone’s stress levels are at a all time high and the media is constantly showing us images of hate, and adversity one can find solace with participating in a Kemetic Yoga Collective that specializes in Ancestral Movement.

Black Power Yoga has created a safe and sacred space to provide black and brown people healing, wellness, spiritual growth, and mindful meditation to overcome stress, trauma, and disease. This million-dollar idea is now on a city to city tour offering the community an outlet to come out in safe social distance measures to relax and wind down. They are traveling throughout the south east and their next stop is Memphis Tennessee July 19th at 1:00 p.m. in Cherokee Park and 4:00 p.m. in Memphis Park. This is a ‘good vibe’ time to get your friends out the house for a little R&R with a professional company that also specializes in sound healing and Reiki.

They also distribute natural alkaline water during their sessions for better hydration! What more can your body ask for?

Are you stressed or experiencing low energy? Is Covid-19 a trigger? Are you open to learn how to breath properly to rid your temple of disease? If the answer is YES to any of these then make sure to pull up to the next stop coming soon. Email them at

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