Everyday there are rising artists on the scene grinding with hopes of 1 day living their dreams of being in the limelight, getting paid shows to perform live, and above all radio play.

Atlanta, Georgia has been crowned the Hip-Hop mecca and artists travel to the 404 year-round to network, record music, look for labels, perform at the biggest showcases and more. While the music business is nothing to take lightly, it takes more then just skills these days to ‘break into’ the industry. Record labels are always looking for the next best thing, and while you are practicing your lyrics at home in the shower, stop and read up on a label who works to benefit YOU! Sky Records focuses on investing in music and the talented artists that create it. A good approach to getting your music mainstream is not always walking into Atlantic, Def Jam or other ‘top’ labels that will have a list of requirements before they even look your way. It is a well-known golden secret to partner with a smaller label, get your music monetized, build a catalog, a dedicated fan base, and wait for the bigger labels to pay you both! This is a record label that works together as a unit producing Hip-Hop / R&B music that will surely entertain the masses.

This Atlanta based label was put together by a team of professionals who understand the industry, and work together with a vested interest in helping artists grow. Not only do they pride themselves on being fresh innovators, they use cutting edge marketing strategies. They are first and foremost all about family which is a solid step going in the direction of finding passionate individuals who will do right by you..and you’re masters! As a family owned business, 1 thing is for sure and that is being apart of Sky IV Records is being in the center of an environment that houses great music, great minds, and great energy. For contact please email frank@skyivrecords.com https://www.skyivrecords.com

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