Business owners, artists, influencers with the ongoing cases of the Covid-19 Pandemic your social media presence is highly crucial for the continued success of your brand so seek media services with Lillie Mae!

At a time where everyone is practically glued to their social media accounts and deciding who can upload the best Tik Tok viral video, now is the best opportunity to market yourself. Rather you are pushing out new music, promoting a new business, or just looking for clients to fulfill your make up / hair stylist skills, the time to professionally promote YOUR brand is now. It is no secret that some of the most serious names in any field you work in uses professional marketing strategies to improve their SEO Google hits and gain new customers/ fans. Whenever you decide which platform is best to highlight your vision go for the names who have energy, passion, and above all enjoy the art of reporting.  Lillie Mae drops new tapings weekly on her platform. She also has the consistent skill to produce interviews for artists, producers, engineers, record labels, managers, film makers, personalities and more. Hailing from Danville, Virginia she is working effortlessly to cultivate a social media community of caring, consideration, and consistency. She has a passion for human rights, social justice, and family dynamics. Not only is she top notch in the media industry, she is also trained in public administration, special education, and mental health. After 1 interview with Lillie Mae you will feel accomplished, motivated, and above all productive. Follow her on Instagram @senojconsultingxpress

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